Enhance Your Party With Our Selection of Add-Ons

Re-Spin Entertainment offers a selection or add-ons that will enhance your event into a unique experience. Each of our enhancements brings more fun, excitement, and character to your party, ensuring everybody will talk about it for years.

stage for event

Our Standard is Anything but Ordinary

We provide our clients with high-end equipment . Our standard package includes an elegant set-up and dance floor lighting.

music of the couple

Upgraded Setups

Our upgraded setup gives your party that high-energy feel and keeps your guests on their feet! With our upgraded lighting, it includes spotlight entrance and will turn your party into a hit.


Dancing on the Cloud

Our Dancing on the Cloud is the perfect way to create a picture-perfect “Cinderella Moment” during your first dance or private last dance that will leave your guests in awe.


LED Love Letters

Show them you're in Love with these color-changing Love Letters.


Custom Monograms

We have a selection of styles and designs that will beautifully display at the focal point of the room. We also offer animated monograms.


Co2 Cannon

Make your wedding a blast with our Co2 Gun. This add-on is perfect at the peak of the party when everybody could use a blast of cool fun. Both the bride and groom can join in on using this playful tool for a little mischief.

event night


Uplighting gives the room that ambient lighting that you need to accent the room/event space.


Bubble and Snow Exits

Can’t figure out how to end the night? We have you covered with our bubble, bubble haze and snow machine exits.


Audio Guest Book

Want to do something different for your Big Day? Add our audio guest book to your sign-in table. Your guest can leave you a personalized voice message that you can listen to any time you want, whether it’s your honeymoon or your anniversaries to come.

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